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Writing Text

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IT Online Programmes

As you'll have learned from any good eLearning writing tutorial, there are specific requirements when writing for online delivery, particularly when PowerPoint is being employed. The bottom line is that text should be kept to a minimum on the slides and the explanatory details should be discussed in the slide notes and/or narration


For slide text, it’s recommended that you put your key “assertion” or headline into the slide title and then provide evidence for that point in the text and accompanying graphic. The ideal is to focus on one key idea for your slide, include an eye-catching illustration to support your point and, if necessary, back it up with some short explanatory text.  While it's acceptable to use bulleted lists sometimes (e.g. for learning outcomes & summaries) they should be kept to the minimum possible.


Below are some additional resources that will help you avoid common pitfalls.


  • How to reduce on screen text and bullet points Shows some good, practical tips on possible ways of editing/minimizing on screen text 
  • The Assertion-Evidence Structure  Explains why it's so important to have a headline that makes an "assertion"and a graphic that provides the "evidence".
  • Beyond Bullet Points Sign up for the free mini course (Six Steps to Smarter Slides) for useful tips to help you create effective slides.
  • Grammar Girl Excellent and very handy resource on grammar and writing. Includes regular podcasts on common punctuation topics & questions. 


Blended Learning Programmes

Although there is obviously more scope to write text for a blended coursebook than a presentation, it is important that the text is as clear and readable as possible. For example, to avoid cognitive overload, try to keep to one core idea per paragraph. For starters, check out the VLE module manual -  as well as describing eLearning theory & practice, it's a good example of a well written resource.  Feel free to suggest other coursebooks that you think are particularly clear and easy to follow.


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