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Finding Images

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Coming up with suitable free photos for your content is definitely a challenge and can be a time-consuming exercise. However there's a world of difference between a dull, bullet point laden slide and one that is visually rich. To help you find some visual inspiration, here are some potential sources of photos and graphics to consider. Note that photos/images from free sites may need to be attributed so please read and follow licensing instructions in all cases.



  • Pixabay Excellent source of copyright-free, top quality images 
  • Unsplash  Smaller range of photos but they are all excellent (high resolution) quality 
  • Flickr You will get the best results if you use the Advanced Search option to search for Creative Commons licensed content only.  Particularly good for authentic images that don't look like stock photos. 
  • Compfight This extensive search engine also searches Flickr for Creative Commons licensed content. 
  • Morguefile Decent range of photos. See license details in each case but many are free to use without attribution.
  • Stock.xchng Huge library of free images. Check out the handy image categories - the Computer category is particularly useful for IT subjects.  
  • Microsoft Office Images Some stock photos can be a little cheesy but there's a good selection here. Use the See Similar option to browse related images.
  • Dreamstime Search the free section of this site for royalty-free (RF-LL) images. 
  • JISC Digital Media Not just for images (particularly historical & artistic), you can search for video and audio from the extensive list of links here. 



  • Icon Collections Using small and simple pictures to complement text can sometimes be highly effective. You’ll find a big selection here (not all free).
  • Iconfinder Be sure to refine the search collection to enable faster searching of free and creative commons icons. See the specific search tips advice.
  • Hand-drawn Icon Set Nice selection of quirky, hand-drawn icons for a less formal feel. 


Other Options

  • SmartArt This is probably the most flexible and useful graphics-creation tool at your disposal. You'll find essential tips on how to use it here. 
  • Create your own photo stock  Sometimes your phone or camera will do exactly what you need. 


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