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eLearning Developer Tutorials (redirected from eLearning Tutorials)

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Ready to get started? This tutorial introduces the concept of Instructional Design within the context of online course development.  


This tutorial explains why good design is so important in online learning, introduces key instructional design principles, and outlines a basic storyboarding process for putting principles into practice. 


Looking for a quick recap? This tutorial highlights our 7 top tips for designing & developing materials using PowerPoint & Articulate.


This module manual, created by the NUI Galway Open Learning Centre,  links a broad range of eLearning theory with practice. Developed for the BA in Training & Education, it offers a great foundation for all newcomers to eLearning.



Learning Object  Learning Outcomes  Source Materials
Introducing Instructional Design (ID) 
  • Identify the key elements of instructional design
  • Describe the ADDIE model of instructional design
  • Write learning outcomes in accordance with Bloom’s Taxonomy 
  • Evaluate various options for sourcing & creating online content  
  • Recognise the role of the eLearning Toolkit 
ID Overview presentation and other sources referenced in the current version.

How to Design Effective eLearning

  • Explain the importance of eLearning design 
  • Apply specific instructional design principles
  • Adopt a basic storyboarding process for structuring & designing eLearning content   

Sources referenced in the current version.


7 Top Tips for Creating Effective Materials with PowerPoint and Articulate 
  •  Develop eLearning materials in keeping with good practice recommendations

Much of the content of this object will be based on common practical issues/problem areas for new course developers. Tips will advise developers to:

  • Get to know Articulate 
  • Write text suitable for online learning format
  • Choose suitable graphics from a variety of sources
  • Adopt copyright & Creative Commons best practice 
  • Incorporate interactivity such as Quizmaker questions
  • Consider other learning & teaching tools (eg screencasts) 
  • Take a holistic view of the learning design 


eLearning Toolkit by National University of Ireland, Galway is licensed under a

Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License



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